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What is Pyrolytic Cleaning?
This is a separate function (not cooking function) that locks the door and the oven cavity will get to a high temperature (between 440 and 500 degrees centigrade) and burn off any cooking residue.
What is the difference between 'true fan' and 'fan assisted'?
Answer: True fan is where a fan blows air over a hot element(normally circular) at the rear of the oven for even rapid cooking. Fan assisted is the fan combining with normal radiant/convected heat from the elements in the upper and lower parts of the oven cavity.
What is a combi microwave?
A single appliance that has the functions of both a microwave oven and a convection/fan oven with the possibility of combining both an oven functions and microwave simultaneously.
What does Integrated mean?
This is where the appliance either takes a furniture door directly or completely fits inside a cabinet with a furniture door mounted on cabinet hinges or directly onto the appliance.
What does semi integrated mean?
This is where the door is mounted directly onto the appliance but part of the appliance normally the fascia panel is still showing.
What is a freestanding appliance? And can I integrate it?
As it says its freestanding and should never be covered by furniture doors as often they have different ventilation/cooling requirements to integrated and warranties can be voided.

Frequently Asked Questions

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